Thursday, December 10, 2009

John Gosselin

John and Kate plus 8 brought TLC tons of viewers; and on the premiere of their last season, the most viewers TLC has had on any of their shows. However, the once chaotic, happy family has been in the media for the past several months for their downfall. Most people have taken sides and are now siding with Kate after many allegations against John and his recent behavior.

John Gosselin has been seen with younger girls, and out partying when his wife is at home with their 8 young kids. He has made such a bad image of himself through his actions. Rather than be low key during the divorce, he has done quite the opposite. I think that he needs to step up and take responsibility for his actions and where his life is headed.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A new route for Oprah

A few weeks ago Oprah announced that after twenty years of having a talk show, this upcoming season would be her last. I think that Oprah handled this very well and at the appropriate time. She is on top of her game, with a talk show, magazine, and much more.

It was also announced that Oprah will be moving to HBO and have her own channel. I think it was good of her to not bring this up nor deny any questions about it. Overall Oprah will be successful no matter what she does or where she does it; whether it be having her own talk show, or being part of HBO.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tiger Woods Scandal

By now everyone has heard some version of the Tiger Woods scandal. In class we spoke about how this event was similar to when the Cowboy's had their few member fight in the locker room. In both situations, the parties waited too long to respond to the media, therefore incriminating themselves.

Regardless Tiger Woods will have lots of press. However, in my opinion if this situation had been handled better there would not be as much, or as negative.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Walmart PR Campaign

Recently a blogger attacked Walmart about their employee health insurance. Due to more scrutiny than ever before, Walmart is taking a new approach, looking beyond the normal media and going straight to the source; bloggers.

Walmart is telling them news, suggesting topics and inviting people to their headquarters. They are experiencing problems with bloggers posting information from Walmart, yet they do not put a source. Despite this problem, I think Walmarts PR team had an affective new approach to reach their customers and people that have issues or concerns with Walmart. Instead of letting people post negative things about their company, they went straight to the source, bloggers, and settled their disagreements.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Did Oprah show too much?

Oprah is getting some negative feedback on her decision to show the face of a survivor of a chimp attack. Oprah said she debated whether or not to show the victims face and decided to when she thought about why they would be blurring it in the first place which is so that the viewers "don't have to" see it.

I think that Oprah made the right choice because ultimately it is the victims choice whether or not she wants her face to be shown on national TV or not.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pink Out

Recently all I have heard about is the big upcoming football game against Utah. What I have also heard a lot is about the 'pink out' part of it. Through signs, ads, and word of mouth everyone knows about this event. I think that the group in charge did a very good job with the PR of this event. They have reached out to the community, alums, students and survivors to bring them all together this upcoming Saturday.

Overall, I wanted to switch up this blog from the others and show the capabilities of successful PR; because all of my previous posts have been about negative.

Ft. Hood

By now many people have heard about the tragedy that happened last week at Ft. Hood. However, what confuses me about the situation is all the different views, and stories coming from it. According to, we can minimize it to two big theories that have come out of it: "One is that Major Hasan should be seen as not much different than many other disturbed individuals, while the other is that the Hasan murders raise hard questions about the ability of Muslims to serve at all in the American military."

I think that the PR person for Ft.Hood as well as an overall spokesperson from the military needs to come out and make a statement about how they feel, as well as the town and military. They need to clear up the two different views, although it will be difficult.